The two auctions organized by Aneel (National Electricity Agency) for the construction of new power plants, which will have to supply energy from 2021 and 2023, have successfully concluded.


Auction A-4 - December 18th 2017

In the first auction, 228.7 MW were contracted with an investment of R $ 4.3 billion (about US$ 1.3 billion) divided among 25 projects, of which 20 in solar generation plants.

The energy supply will start from 1 July 2021.

The auction had registered 1676 projects, for a total power of 47.996 MW.

One of the approved solar generation projects is by Enel Green Power, with a capacity of 388 MW. The plant will be built in the Piauì State (northern Brazil). The estimated value of the investment is around 200 million euros.


Auction A-6 - December 20, 2017

The second auction was even more successful than the first, also due to the different delivery timing (the energy supply will start from 1 January 2023).

2930 MW were contracted, with an investment of R $ 13.94 million (about 3.57 billion euro) divided into 63 projects, of which 49 wind farms.

However, in terms of MW contracted, the lion’s share was still the thermoelectric plants powered by natural gas, responsible for 67% of the MW contracted (1960 of the 2930 total); wind energy represents 26% and other sources (biomass and small hydropower plants) the remaining 7%.

The selling price of wind energy reached R $ 98.6 per MW / h compared to the starting price of R $ 276; a “discount” of 64% considered exceptional by the market.

1092 projects were registered at the auction, for a total capacity of 53.424 MW.

Enel Green Power has 3 wind projects approved, for a total of 618 MW. The value of the planned investment is around 630 million euros. The plants will be built in the states of Bahia and Piauì.