The Global Agribusiness Forum (GAF) 2018 is organized by the Sociedade Rural Brasileira (SRB), representative of the agricultural sector of Brazil.

The theme of the 2018 forum is “The science of agriculture at the service of the planet” and will bring together the leading exponents of world agriculture to discuss the agribusiness situation and seek solutions for the food and environmental challenges that humanity is facing.

Main participants and speaker:

  • Blairo Maggi, Minister of agricolture
  • Pam Johnson, president of Maizall (USA)
  • João Martins, president Confederation Brazilian Agricolture
  • Roberto Rodrigues, embassador FAO
  • Rajan Gajaria, VP DowDupont
  • Pierluigi Londero, director Agricolture and development of European Commission
  • Paulo Hermann, president John Deere Brazil
  • Jason Clay, VP Markets and Food del WWF
  • Mike Dwyer, economista US Grain Council
  • Alain Riddell, socio KPMG

and many others.

The event will be held at the World Trade Center (WTC), Sheraton Hotel, Avenida das Naçoes Unidas 12559, São Paulo, on 23-24 July 2018.

Participation is free.

Registration by 1/7/2018 (subject to approval by the organizers) through the event website: