Elected at the end of October with 55% of the votes, Jair Bolsonaro took over yesterday, January 1, 2019, the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil.

He is the 38th president, the first ex-military since the dictatorship (1964-1985).

Succeeds to Michel Temer, who ruled from August 2016 to December 2018, following Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment.

One of the first measures of Bolsonaro will be the definition of the new “minimum wage”, which will go from R$ 954.00 to R$ 998.00.

Here is the list of ministers that form the Bolsonaro government:

Onyx Lorenzoni – Casa Civil

Sergio Moro – Justice

Paulo Guedes – Economy

Augusto Heleno – Institutional security

Marcos Pontes – Science and technology

Tereza Cristina – Agriculture

Fernando Azevedo and Silva – Defense

Ernesto Araujo – Foreign affairs

Roberto Campos Neto – Banco Central

Wagner de Campos – Transparency

Luiz Henrique Mandetta – Health

André Luiz de Almeida Mendonça – Advocacy of the State

Gustavo Bebianno – General Secretariat

Ricardo Vélez Rodrigues – Education

Carlos Alberto dos Santos Cruz – Government Secretariat

Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas – Infrastructure

Gustavo Canuto – Regional Development

Osmar Terra – Citizenship

Marcelo Alvaro Antonio – Tourism

Bento Costa Lima – Mining and energy

Damares Alvares – Woman, family and human rights

Ricardo Aquino Salles – Environment