The former president of the Republic, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, was convicted for the second time in the Lava Jato operation. The new sentence, 12 years and 11 months in prison, was imposed for corruption (active and passive) and money laundering.

According to the ruling, Lula received a bribe of a million reais (about 300 thousand dollars) from three construction companies – Odebrecht, OAS and Schahin – for the restructuring of a ranch. In return, favors for the awarding of contracts with Petrobras.

Lula, already in prison from April 2018 for a sentence of 12 years and 1 month for the case of the triplex of Guarujà (https://updatebrazil.com/2018/04/06/lula-almost-incarcerated/) responds to another process, again for corruption and recycling, which concerns the purchase of the land on which the Lula Institute was built.

Even if this second sentence is only in the first instance, it can interfere with the request for provisional liberty set by Lula’s lawyers, since it is in fact a matter of repetition of the same crime.