The future of the post-pandemic world will be the focus of the debates at the seventh edition of the “Brazil Conference at Harvard & MIT” (, an event organized annually by the Brazilian student community in Boston, USA, to promote the meeting with the leaders of Brazil.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus, the event will take place via videoconference and will be broadcast on the Youtube channel of the newspaper “O Estado de São Paulo” and on the Youtube channel of the Brazil Conference: / videos

This year, the online panels will be held from 11 to 17 April. Participants will include leading exponents of Brazilian business and politics.

Five themes will be discussed: economic development, the role of the state, diversity, justice and democracy.

* Brasilia time zone

Sunday (11)

5:15 pm

Social networks and society

– Guilherme Terreri (Rita Von Hunty), Ronaldo Lemos, Felipe Neto and Aline Midlej. Moderator: Gabriela Prioli

7.15 pm

Technology, culture and the future

– Ludmilla, Fioti, Mariana Abreu and Eliane Dias. Moderator: Éliton Nascimento

8.30 pm

Keynote hack with Micheal Seibel

9.15 pm

Hack Brazil

– Filipe Portugal, Daniel Knopfholz, Hector Gusmão, José Ronaldo Pizani and Guilherme Maeda. Moderator: Gabriel Kligerman

Monday (12)

4:45 pm

Key note speaker: Fernando Henrique Cardoso

6:00 pm

Democracy is not just elections

– Thamy Pogrebinschi, Fernando Gabeira, Atila Roque and Thiago Amparo Moderator: Frances Hagopian

7.15 pm

Technology, development and justice

– Cesar Camacho, Digo Ribeiro, Nina Silva and Saulo Faria Almeida Barreto. Mediator: Nathalie Gazzaneo

8.30 pm

Public safety and inequality

– Pablo Nunes, Débora Silva and Cecília Oliveira. Moderator: Flávio Costa

9.30 pm

Keynote – Judiciary and democracy, with judge Luiz Fux

Tuesday (13)

11:00 am

Energy matrix

– Luis Henrique Guimarães (Cosan), Maurício Bahr (Engie S / A), Fabio Zanfelice (Votorantim Energia) and Bento Albuquerque. Moderator: Lavínia Holanda

1:00 pm

Investments in Brazil

– Guilherme Benchimol (XP), Nath Finanças and Sara Delfim (Dahlia Capital). Moderator: Catherine Vieira (journalist)

6:00 pm

Agriculture: technology, sustainability and the role of Brazil

– Marcelo Britto (Brazilian Agribusiness Association), Michel Santos, Marcos Jank, Izabella Teixeira and Alexandre Nepomuceno. Moderator: Beto Veríssimo

7.15 pm

Brazil: climate goals

– Marina Silva, Fabio Alperowitch and Mercedes Bustamente. Moderator: Oswaldo Lucon

8.30 pm

Brazil: the power of the bioeconomy

– Gustavo Montezano, Carlos Nobre and André Baniwa. Moderator: Renata Piazzon

Wednesday (14)

6:00 pm

Infrastructure and sanitation

– Carla Barroso Carneiro, Fábio Abrahão and Gilson Rodrigues. Moderator: Edison Carlos

7.15 pm

Tax reform and social programs

– Elena Landau, Ricardo Paes de Barros, Flavia Oliveira and Mansueto Almeida. Moderator: Monica Waldvogel

Thursday (15)

6.00 pm

The future of public education

– Renan Ferreirinha, Lucia Dellagnelo and Gina Vieira Ponte. Moderator: Claudia Costin

7.15 pm

Music and social movements

– Rubel, Johnny Hooker, Giulia Be, Xenia França and Raquel Virgínia. Moderator: Didi Wagner

8.30 pm

Social entrepreneurship

– Ana Fontes, Edu Lyra, Luiza Helena Trajano and Letícia Piccolotto: Moderator: Daniel Fernandes

Friday (16)

5.00 pm

People management in the public sector

– Camilo Santana, Arthur Lira and Cibele Franzese. Moderator: Weber Sutti

6.00 pm

Foreign policy

– Aloysio Nunes Ferreira, Hussein Kalout, Rubens Ricupero, Celso Lafer and Celso Amorim. Moderator: Patrícia Campos Mello

7.30 pm

The future of work

– Sandro Bassili, Ari de Sá and Sidney Klajner. Moderator: Martha Gabriel


Racial equity in organizations

– Márcia Lima, Luana Gédot and André Costa. Moderator: Ana Cristina Rosa

Saturday (17)

11:00 am

Strengthen the SUS

– Armínio Fraga, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, Lígia Bahia and Carlos Gadelha. Moderator: Marcia Castro

12:45 pm

Special panel

– Jorge Paulo Lemann, Fabrício Bliosi (CEO of iFood) and Nitin Nohria (former rector of Harvard Business School)

7.00 pm

The challenges of Brazil

– Luciano Huck, Ciro Gomes, Fernando Haddad, Eduardo Leite and João Doria. Moderation: Hussain Kalout and Eliane Cantanheide